Issue 04
Chris Succo
Ryan Sullivan
David Ostrowski
Antonia Showering
Samuel de Gunzberg
Claire Fontaine
Hetty Douglas
Adrien Horni
Linus Bill
Issue 03
Tom Polo
Adam Pendleton
Patricia Treib
Jonathan Meese
Monica Kim Garza
Berta Blanca T.Ivanow
Yvonne Robert
Tess Williams
Leo Gabin
Issue 02
Faye Wei Wei
David Quinn
Clément Mancini
Ricardo Passaporte
Michael Wall
María Tinaut
Alex Marco
Issue 01
Jeff Kraus
Joona Pakkanen
Patoue François
Struan Teague
Peter Shear
Contributors — Chris Succo, Ryan Sullivan, David Ostrowski, Claire Fonatine, Antonia Showering, Adrien Horni, Linus Bill, Samuel de Gunzburg, Hetty DouglasTom Polo, Adam Pendleton, Patricia Treib, Jonathan Meese, Monica Kim Garza, Berta Blanca T.Ivanow, Yvonne Robert, Tess Williams, Leo Gabin, Faye Wei Wei, David Quinn, Maria Tinaut, Alex Marco, Ricardo Passaporte, Jeff Kraus, Joona Pakkanen, Patoue François, Peter Shear, Struan Teague.
émergent is a biannual magazine that showcases painters through interviews, conversations and essays. With the aim to provide a curated space in which artists work can be better understood.
Each issue attempts to adopt the ideals of a gallery within the printed page, and features a new group of contemporary artists that exhibit a series of recent works, along with indepth interviews and a rare look into the studio.

The platform allows people to engage with the work timelessly, using it not only to discover new artists, but also as an archive piece.
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Designed and produced by Adeo.